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Local Marketing is quickly becoming the focus of all major companies.

Statistics have shown that 97% of all local buyers first searched on the Internet before choosing that restaurant or store.

Google lists the top 7 local listings when a keyword is combined with a location.

For example :- Blackburn Dentist

Google immediately knows the person is searching for a local business and provides them with a listing of possible companies to choose from. You want to be in that list! Can Make This Happen







          Get ranked on Page ONE of Google

      Yahoo and Bing for a local search



        Build Websites and Blogs - We can build a website

   for your company’s mostly static or permanent 

   content and a blog for a more interactive platform




      Website Design & Usability

      Mobile Website Design



        Website Management & Maintenance.  We can

    publish and remove content for you at your

    required time frame.




     Branding - Making sure your Business Connects

  with Your Target Audience




    Online Promotion of your products  

    using Sales pages, Online shop,

    Daily deals etc




   Online Copywriting - We use informative and  

   persuasive copy, text and audio, to promote

   your business to a targeted search engine

   and social media audience



      Data Base - Establish the mechanisms to gather

   and market to an extensive and targeted

   Data Base of customers




Email Marketing - Market to your email database.






      Professional Video designed to inform

   your customers and sell to them as well.

   Videos can be uploaded into YouTube 

   to help to drive traffic to your site

           and improve your Google ranking



     Digital Interaction - We can set up platforms

     that will allow interaction that rewards

     your customers. Facebook, Twitter,

     Comment streams, Fun questionnaires etc 




        Assistance in getting Google Reviews.  These

    are critical for obtaining maintaining good

    Google rankings








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 We Can Do a Free Short Business Video

And Short Consultation.

We Will Post it on YouTube, Facebook &  



 Fill Out Your Details Below & We Can Do a Free Short Business Video & Consultation. We Will Post it on YouTube, Facebook &  



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 FREE Short Business Video






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